After-sales problems    

  • During the equipment warranty period, how to deal with equipment failures?

    Answer: If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period of the equipment, the customer can contact Dade to handle the equipment malfunction according to the warranty regulations, such as repairing or replacing damaged parts.

  • How to obtain timely after-sales service in case of equipment failure?

    Answer: Customers can negotiate with Dade to determine the contact information and time for after-sales service, ensuring timely access to after-sales service.

  • How to perform regular maintenance on equipment?

    Answer: Customers can refer to the equipment maintenance instructions and perform regular maintenance on the equipment, such as replacing equipment consumables.

  • How to meet customer technical support needs?

    Answer: Customers can request technical support for after-sales services and obtain relevant technical support and solutions through letters, phone calls, or emails.

  • How to evaluate the use of packaging machinery?

    Answer: During the after-sales stage, customers can evaluate the usage of the equipment, including its stability, work efficiency, and failure rate.

  • How to improve the efficiency of maintenance services?

    Answer: Dade can obtain feedback from customers and provide targeted maintenance services based on it, such as strengthening the supply of spare parts, reducing equipment failure rates, etc., to improve the efficiency of maintenance services.

  • How to assess the quality of after-sales service?

    Answer: Customers can assess the after-sales service quality of Dade, such as evaluating services such as follow-up visits, and feedback relevant opinions and suggestions.

  • How to provide timely and effective after-sales service to customers?

    Answer: Dade can ensure that a professional after-sales service team can solve customer problems in a timely manner, and provide relevant services and technical support.

  • How to obtain spare parts for equipment in a timely manner?

    Answer: Dade has a good supply chain and warehouse management system to ensure that customers can obtain equipment spare parts in a timely manner.

  • How to effectively solve technical problems in usage?

    Answer: Dade has a technical support team to promptly solve technical problems encountered by customers.

  • How to provide timely and effective remote assistance to customers?

    Answer: Dade can provide timely and effective remote assistance to customers through remote technical support and other means.

  • How to ensure the maintenance quality of equipment?

    Answer: Dade can provide professional training to maintenance personnel to improve maintenance quality and reliability, and equip them with corresponding testing and calibration equipment.

  • How to ensure timely response and handling of after-sales services?

    Answer: Dade has a complete after-sales service management system to ensure timely response and handling of customer issues, and ensure service tracking and feedback.

  • How to meet the special needs of customers?

    Answer: Dade can customize after-sales service plans and solutions based on the special needs of customers to maximize their needs.

  • How to provide efficient repair services to customers?

    Answer: Dade has an efficient repair service mechanism, including a fast and effective repair process, a fast supply chain of damaged parts, to ensure that customers can quickly solve problems.