President Address  

Dear new and old customers:

Dear customers

Thank you very much for taking the precious time out of your busy schedule to learn about Dade.


Guangzhou Dade Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. After years of development and operation, it has become a leading automatic packaging solution provider in the food, beverage, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural packaging and other industries. Today, Dade Industrial Park covers an area of about 35000m², Dade's business covers more than 50 cities and more than 100 countries. Finished products made by Dade serve more than 1 billion people worldwide, directly or indirectly changing people's lifestyles.


Dade will strive to build a manufacturing base for China's intelligent and automatic packaging machinery in Guangdong, lead the development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of machinery manufacturing, drive the development of machinery, food, beverage, daily chemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and other fields, accelerate the research and development of new technologies, further expand packaging fields and application scenarios in more industries, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and assist in technological innovation in the entire packaging machinery industry, Adding luster to the empowerment of modern packaging machinery in China.


The company continuously cooperates with foreign equipment manufacturers, introduces advanced technology and combines its own experience to make breakthroughs and innovations, and changes the domestic technology gap. Dade is the first enterprise in China to independently develop water-soluble film packaging machines, which is an important milestone in the development history of laundry beads in China, promoting the strong development of the laundry bead related industry chain in the Chinese market.


In the future, Dade will continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, never forget its original intention, bear in mind its mission, adhere to the path of the real economy, and pursue independent innovation and development. Accelerate the realization of information management, intelligent products, and humanized services, continue to lead the technological development of the packaging machinery industry, continue to make efforts in the fields of food, beverage, daily chemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural packaging, and other fields, and develop more new technology products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for product packaging. In the era of intelligence, start anew and embark on a new journey.


Thank you very much for your visit and guidance. We will fully serve you, jointly create competitive products in the market, and achieve win-win cooperation! thank you!