Corporate Culture   

Enterprise philosophy: Dacheng Deguang, Jingye Lixing

With "Dacheng Deguang, Jingye Lixing" as the core, we provide customers with high-quality and efficient packaging solutions to achieve sustainable development.

Core values: integrity, pragmatic, aggressive, quality, customer, team

We firmly believe that "Integrity" is an important pillar of enterprise development, and on this basis, we provide services to all partners and create a good business environment.


Our "Pragmatic" spirit focuses on results, processes, and details, takes responsibility as our mission, and strictly manages quality to improve customer satisfaction.


Our "Enterprising" spirit is positive, innovative, pursuing excellence, and constantly exploring new directions and methods.


Our "Quality" values win the trust of customers with high-quality products and services.

Our "Customer" values put customer needs first, constantly optimizing products and services, and providing customers with the highest quality solutions.

Our "Team" values encourage employees to cooperate and grow together, create a harmonious work environment, and give full play to the wisdom and strength of the team.

Code of Conduct: Strive for Innovation, Pursue Excellence

Our code of conduct is "striving for innovation and pursuing excellence". Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we continue to introduce high-quality and efficient products to meet the changing needs of customers. At the same time, we pursue excellence and are committed to becoming the world's leading packaging machinery manufacturer.


Organizational culture: harmonious coexistence, innovation and common growth

We are committed to creating a harmonious, positive, and upward corporate culture, encouraging employees to grow together with the company, promoting teamwork, and creating an open and inclusive work environment. We encourage employees to continuously learn and innovate, and through joint exploration and experimentation, promote the continuous development of the enterprise and achieve common growth.

Management method: scientific and standardized, efficient collaboration

We adhere to a scientific, standardized, and efficient management approach, improve the operational efficiency and decision-making level of the enterprise, and provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the enterprise. At the same time, we focus on employee training and team building to promote management collaboration and collaboration efficiency.


Social responsibility: bravely undertaking the mission and giving back to the society

We actively fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, protect the environment, safeguard consumer rights, support local economic development, and give back to society: providing high-quality products and services, creating employment opportunities, and supporting philanthropy. Corporate social responsibility is the foundation for survival and development, and it is applied throughout all aspects to continuously enhance competitiveness and brand value, contributing to sustainable development.