Edible Oil Filling lMachine

The edible oil filling machine is an intelligent, high-tech device with excellent characteristics such as high precision, high efficiency, and high reliability. It is operated through a touch screen, and the filling process is simple and easy to understand. It can accurately guarantee the accuracy of each filling amount and is suitable for filling different types of packaging, such as bottles, drums, and cans of various capacities. The machine's internal components use high-quality electrical and pneumatic components, ensuring stability and long service life. The external parts are made of S/S304 stainless steel and comply with GMP standards, ensuring that the equipment is easy to clean, hygienic, and safe to operate. Additionally, the filling heads can be customized according to customer requirements to meet different production capacity needs. It is widely used in the liquid packaging filling production lines of edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and large barrels of drinking water, making it an ideal choice for the food industry's filling production lines.


Service: Pre-sales service, On-sales service, After-sales service, Installation and debugging guidance, Maintenance guidance

Logistics:Manufacturer distribution, Large logistics distribution




Technical Specitions

Filling volume 250-3000ml
Filling Heads 1—10
Capacity 30-50times/min
Control system PLC+Touch screen
Precision ±0.5%
Bottle height 200-400 mm (adjustab)
Voltage AC220V or AC 380V
Power 1.2Kw.
Pneumatic 0.3cbm/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa
Dimension L650*W110*H190cm
G.W. 900Kg.

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  1. Confirm product order information: Select the machine product to be purchased, and confirm information such as machine model, configuration, and quantity. At this time, it is necessary to fill in the receiving address, contact phone, and other information to facilitate the manufacturer's contact and shipment.

2. Select payment method and make payment: After confirming the order information, you can select an appropriate payment method, such as online payment, offline transfer, etc., to complete the payment process.


3. Purchase materials and start production: According to your order information, the machine manufacturer will prepare the required materials, assemble and produce the machine products.


4. Machine installation and commissioning, shipment: After completion of production, the machine manufacturer will conduct installation and commissioning, confirm that the quality and configuration of the machine meet the requirements of your order, and package and ship.


5. Upon receipt and satisfactory inspection: After receiving the machine product, please timely inspect the product to ensure that the received machine and order information are consistent, and ensure that the quality of the machine meets your requirements.


6. Confirm receipt and successful transaction: If the quality of the machine is satisfactory, please confirm the receipt in a timely manner and evaluate it after the transaction is completed for reference by the manufacturer and other consumers.


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Pre Sales Service:
1. Communicate and understand customer needs through a professional sales team
2. Customizing high-quality equipment solutions for customers
3.Provide technical consultation and support to ensure that customers can obtain the most suitable equipment for themselves


On Sales Service:
1. On-site commissioning, installation, and training services to ensure that the equipment can be put into production as soon as possible
2. Equipment maintenance and servicing methods and guidance services
3. Solve equipment problems and provide services to ensure smooth production and operation of customers.


After-sale service:
1. Provide warranty services, equipment maintenance services, equipment training services, and other after-sales services
2. Frequently communicate with customers to deeply explore their needs
3. Provide customers with one-stop solutions and services.


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